Black Friday offer at the RLA

It’s Black Friday, and for one day only, the Residential Landlords Association are offering 50% off membership and also 50% off selected online training courses.

Don’t forget that your RLA membership fee may be claimed on your self assessment tax return, and therefore, for a higher rate taxpayer there would be a further saving, resulting in a true cost of just £23.98! RLA members also benefit from a £50 discount on our fees.

RLA membership offers many benefits, such as:

• Unlimited on-demand phone support with the Landlord Advice Team

• The best deposit protection rates on the market with DepositGuard

• Regular industry updates and bi-monthly magazine subscription

• Member discounts on over 15 services from insurance to Tradepoint

• Access to over 130 guides & documents such as ASTs, Section 8s & 21s

For more information, or to join the RLA, please click here.