HMRC Disclosure Form DO2 Delays

Given the sheer volume of letters being sent out by HMRC with regards the Let Property Campaign, we understand that HMRC are struggling to cope with the demand, and there are now serious delays in every stage of the process. Disclosure forms (DO2) originally were taking approximately between 4 and 12 weeks to be accepted, but HMRC have now stated that final acceptance can take as long as 6 months!

HMRC have stated that the reason for this is a change in systematic process. Traditionally, Let Property Campaign cases were dealt with fully by their office in Bournemouth. Now instead, the Bournemouth office only acknowledges receipt of the DO2 disclosure forms, and the case is then passed over to the head office in Glasgow. It is then the Glasgow office which issues the final acceptance, and given the huge number of cases, this has led to the acceptance taking up to 6 months.

Disclosure acceptance delays are not the only issues in the Let Property Campaign office. When you make your intention to disclose via form DO1, although this used to take around 7-10 days to be acknowledged, it is now taking around 1 month.

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