Landlords Named and Shamed

The HMRC Let Property Campaign continues to intensify, and whilst tranch after tranch of letters go out to landlords with undeclared rental profits, HMRC have named and shamed a number of landlords on their website.  It serves as a reminder that HMRC will do everything in their power to recoup the tax it is owed on rental profits, from those landlords who have not declared in the past.

HMRC regularly name and shame tax evaders, and their released list includes a number of property landlords, one owing an astonishing £168K in penalties.  Of course, this is an extremity, but nevertheless, it is crucial to come forward now, and benefit from the best possible terms, before HMRC come looking for you!

As property and landlord tax specialists, we are perfectly placed to assist with your Let Property Campaign disclosure, guiding you through the entire process, and ensuring you are compliant moving forward.  Here at RITA4Rent, our day to day work is solely landlord taxation; you have comfort in dealing with not just tax advisors and accountants, but also property landlords and investors, giving us the edge on understanding your position.

Over the past few weeks, we have released various blogs, which you may find useful, and will help ensure you understand the process.

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