Let Property Campaign – New Website Launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website, solely dedicated to the HMRC Let Property Campaign.  To view the website, please click here.

We have been providing tax advice and assistance to clients for many years with past campaigns, and have also been working with clients on this latest campaign, the Let Property Campaign, since its launch in 2013.  

Given the fact that HMRC have ramped up the intensity, and increasing the number of letters being sent out to landlords not declaring past rental income and expenditure, RITA4Rent feel it is a crucial time to be launching this new website, as we look to increase public awareness and help work with landlords in bringing their records up to date.

The website details the three main stages we work through when completing a Let Property Campaign disclosure on behalf our clients.  

The first step is a process of learning, to ensure we under our client’s full circumstances, followed by a full review of expenses to ensure these are complete, followed by preparation of rental accounts.  

The second step is to review all other income in the periods in question, to ensure we have the final balances for use in calculating amounts owed and interest and penalties thereon.

The third step is to finalise the disclosure, submit the relevant form, and deal with any subsequent questions that may be posed by HMRC.  We would also advise on how you should remain compliant moving forward.

We have recently published a number of blogs regarding the Let Property Campaign:

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t Property Campaign Blog 1Let Property

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We hope the above is invaluable reading.

To speak with one of our team in the strictest of confidence, please either contact us by email or call our freephone helpline on 0800 1 22 33 57.